After Emmett was born everything was new. One of the new things that stuck out to me the most was all the feelings of guilt. The “Mom Guilt” was instant, like it was released with the cutting of the umbilical cord. And I remember thinking, “Nobody warns you about this. You hear LOTS of other horror stories, but not this!” This contrition makes you regret drinking coffee when you were pregnant. It makes you feel awful when you let your child cry for more then 2 minutes. It makes you blame yourself for a diaper rash. The gravity of your parenting role constantly plaguing you.So much of that experience as a mom has translated over into my walk with grief. Though when it comes to my part in guiding the boys through their sorrow, it is almost impossible to separate the “Mom Guilt” from the “Grief Guilt”. But for me in my personal battle with loss it is shocking how often that self-condemnation is waiting to dampen the mood.

When I find something funny and laugh out loud, I feel like I shouldn’t have the right to such happiness. When I accomplish a lot of work around the house in a day and remember that it wouldn’t have been possible if I still had a toddler to take care of, it registers as shallowness. When I spend any money that was given to us as a direct result of the death of Colin and Madeline I am haunted with shame and loathing. When I start to enjoy the comfort of a new routine, with it comes regret and remorse. The list could go on.

And in my head I can reason with myself and know that this guilt is not rational. I can admit that the drudgery of my life will not prove how much I love them and miss them. I know that neither of them would be honoured by bitterness or selfishness or isolation. Certain that Colin and Madeline would want there to be much love and peace and laughter in our home; and definitely no guilt in our hearts.  

But this is the daily battle of mothers and every survivor of great loss: to convince our hearts of these truths. To believe in our soul that this guilt is a lie. A devastating falsehood that has the potential to destroy us. To constantly remind ourselves that as much as our gloom can’t change the past, our joy won’t disgrace those who are gone either.

3 thoughts on “Guilty?

  1. Oh man! Your self awareness is amazing! And, that you can express it so beautifully, too…! I feel blogger-stalker guilt as it’s been so long since I’ve connected with you and yet you’re allowing me, and others, to witness the inner groaning of your heart as you walk through this. I am unworthy. But I am extremely grateful. Your expressions here are the essence of a life with Christ and THAT speaks to me. Though our roads may look different at this moment, I am with you in it. May He give you the courage you need for today.

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  2. Leanne, thank you for your blog, it’s so beautiful, and reflect our Lord is with you, and inspire other people to have Faith in the Living Jesus, God Bless you


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