My Open Window, is a personal journal.

I am a women writing through the little and big hurdles before me. Recently my husband, of almost 12 years, and my beautiful daughter, of only 10 months, were killed in a tragic vehicle accident. This will greatly impact my writing. I’m the mother of two young boys,  a “job” that I truly love, which will also shape themes in my posts. I love Jesus and expect that this too will be a part of what I share.

This blog is not just about grief or loss, it’s not just about motherhood, nor is it specifically a spiritual or How-to blog. It may include many topics, but there is no goal or lesson that I am trying to give. The writing out of my thoughts has become part of my process.

Not that I am overly comfortable with baring my soul, especially to strangers; but many people and events in my life have impacted that. It is as if a window to my life has been pried open. Not necessarily by my choice, but it has presented an opportunity and responsibility that I feel convicted to honour. This blog was born of that.