God is Good?

Originally posted January 23, 2016

Just to be clear, when you have news that you are glad about and then you state God is good, those two facts are completely independent. They may both be true, but the one has nothing to do with the other.
I can understand that when something goes the way you want, or even starts rough, but then ends in the best case scenario; you may want to acknowledge the goodness of God. But ask yourself, had things not turned out rosey, would you still tag on a “God is good”? And it’s true, He is good. But I see a HUGE danger in the association of our happiness and God’s goodness.
God is good. Always, despite everything that is happening in our world. Regardless of the errors of the past or the uncertainty of the future, God is good. Yet when we tie that goodness to the outcome of our personal circumstances, it makes it seem like the character of God is dependant on whether or not things work out for us. As if He could change and be something other then who He is. That is not possible. And that is the beauty of God; in spite of everything that we know constantly changing, He does not. Will not. Can not.
And thank goodness. What use would there be for a God that could be externally controlled. A sovereign whose will could change from something outside of Himself. That is not God, but man.
So when Colin paid the ultimate sacrifice for our family with his body, God is good. And when I sang my last lullaby to Madeline in my arms before the doctors took her off all the machines, God is still good.
Be careful what you are attributing His goodness to, because I promise you it doesn’t have anything to do with you.

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