Hearts Break

Oh fickle heart.

You have let me love those I could never keep.

Though I was promised everything my dreams could not be.

You encouraged me to trust that my feelings could solve anything.

Except I was left empty when it was not enough.

I believed that you were brave and wise, a pioneer.

But you have shown that your power is not absolute.

It was never in your design to consider the implications of tomorrow.

You said, “Come follow me!”

Yet you did not bring a map.

I was deceived by your passion and confidence.

Swept up in the fantasy you constructed.

It was a mirage that disappeared when I got close enough to touch it.

You flaunted your life giving strength.

Though I know now that your walls are paper thin.

You may not shatter like glass.

But you aren’t truly fixable either.

The holes we have made will always weep.


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