In His Arms

Today has been one of those days where I just want to curl up in some big strong arms and be completely weak for a moment. Or two.

On a day when we are celebrating Benjamin’s preschool graduation, I am consumed with the future and all its uncertainty. At a time where I want to be present because these special moments are so fleeting, I am consumed with someone’s past blunder that is being dragged into my future. And the deep cuts of the loss of Colin and Madeline will be felt forever, but the tragic story of those scars could be closed if our justice system had any teeth.

The boys and I could be saved adding the insult onto the injury if people would be willing to own their consequences, and not be willing to bury the truth with distraction.

These are the times when I ache for the physical presence of someone who made me feel little and shielded and cherished. To help give me the strength to continue extending forgiveness and mercy and grace.


2 thoughts on “In His Arms

  1. Oh Leanne! Thoughts of frustration at what we call our “justice system” have plagued my mind since we received your text this morning. My heart aches for you. It seems so unjust that the process should be allowed to drag on SO long. But then the process of not “owning” ones guilt and trying to avoid consequences has been going on since it started in “the garden”. May you sense the strong arms of your Heavenly Father holding you tightly. And I will hold you when we see you again. Love and tears, Mom


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